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Your Chrome has a Hidden Game. and it works on Mobile too.! Give a Try!

Probably we all are aware of the That Dinosaur (T-Rex Dinosaur) which appears while surfing over Google Chrome and suddenly when we are not connected to the Internet, it appears on your Chrome Screen. Though it only appears on chrome screen but we got irritated of this as we are no more to use the internet.!

So let's why not make it some interesting and fun by revealing the Hidden secret of this Dinosaur.!
Yeah!! you're hearing some secrets of That T-Rex Dinosaur.!

Let's see what's this:

So Secret with That T-Rex Dinosaur is you can play a Game with it on your PC/Laptop.

The clever engineers at Google have hidden this tiny little game inside the Chrome. The game can be accessed only when the phone is in offline mode.

You wondering How.??
Let's see How you can play with That T-Rex Dinosaur.

What You Need for this:
        • A PC or Laptop.
        • A Updated Google Chrome.
        • A site to search :D
        • And yeah NO INTERNET!! (Yeah No Internet :P)

So If you're ready with all above things.. let's see How to play with that Dinosaur.

Just search something on your Chrome and make sure you're not connected to Internet ;) you will get the Dinosaur soon appear on your Chrome screen.
Now Do not do anything i mean trying to reload the page again or something.
Just press the Spacebar and the Dinosaur will start running and Here the Game started.!

It's endless running game so just press the Spacebar and jump over cactuses and keep running.

SO Next time when you're stuck with no internet on your PC/Laptop and found that T-Rex Dinosaur on Chrome ..Start endless running with it!

And More of this it also works on Mobile Devices too.!
How it works on Mobile Devices.?? Let's see:

You Need:
        • Of-course A Mobile Device.
        • A updated Google Chrome.
        • Again No Internet Connection :P

Just put your Phone on Airplane Mode or switch off wifi & Data connection and start surfing with Chrome. You'll get Dinosaur again on your Screen and this time just make a Tap on screen to run the Dinosaur and start playing with it.!

So when next time you're stuck in a Area with no internet connection. just don't get irritated. Get a Smile on your Face and start endless running with T-Rex Dinosaur. :D

Give some your lil precious time to share this to know others about this.!
Your Chrome has a Hidden Game. and it works on Mobile too.! Give a Try! Reviewed by Aniket Mishra on 2:23 AM Rating: 5
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