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(How To) A Start-up guide to start a new blog

So you are thinking to start to a new blog hun.!! That's great Idea at all then Because today i'm going to show a handy guide to How to start-up with a new blog.

First of all, As I know staring a blog always been a bit confusing.! Even for me I started blogging before one and half year but still i'm not not that clear with Blogging. But here today i'm going to show you what I have learnt or got the know about blogging till now.!

So let's start with the A Start-up Guide to start a New Blog:

SO Before satring with a new Blog, you have to follow some steps which help to you get into your blog very easily. so let's discuss about those steps. They are as follows:
        •Choosing a niche for you blog.
        •Choosing a Blog platform.
        •Whether to start with free blog or self hosted blog.
        •Choosing a proper domain name.
        •Choosing a proper theme for your Blog.

Choosing a niche for you blog

So you're going to start a Blog.. so before staring blogging you must be aware of what you're going to blog. You must need a Blog topic to start with.
To choose what with start a new blog ..find out your interests, in which field or topics you find yourself comfortable. Suppose you're good in smartphones and Tech or you can give reviews to things then you're all set and start a Blog with niche of Tech.!

Choosing a Blog platform

So you're all set about choosing your blog niche. now you have to choose a platform to get started. so there are some blog platforms available on which you can start your new blog on your selected niche.
Here are the some Blogging Platforms:

Whether to start with free blog or self hosted blog.?

So now whether to choose a free one or self hosted blog or say paid one.
You can go with a free one at staring if you're still bit confusing or short of not able able to get paid one.. later when you're going good you can move to your own self hosted blog with ease.

Choosing a proper domain name

Yeah, a domain name also make important part when you're going to startup with blog.
Always go with a unique domain and make it not difficult for user to remember. make it short andunique and simple so that once users get to your domain they don't get forget easily.
So you need a domain name that is:
        •Easy to remember
        •Simple(not difficult)

Choosing a proper theme for your Blog.

A perfect theme for your blog makes your blog looks clean and simple and Attractive to users.
Choose a theme which is responsive with every platform whether it is shown on a Mobile or on a Laptop, it must fit to all aspect and give user a good reading and viewing experience. 

That's All.!! This is what I know about when you're going to start a new blog to do. I'm still not that experienced with this but hope this tutorial helps you to start a your new blog :)

If you find this tutorial helpful to starting your new blog.. give yours a lil precious time to share this below. It really means a lot to me! 

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