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Turn your Laptop into a WiFi Hub

So you're with a broadband connection at home and looking for purchasing a WiFi router so that you can make a WiFi hub and connected with anywhere with all devices at your home.! Well this is a nice thought but what if you're running out of budget now and you can't wait long at same time. Do not worry for that, till then use your Laptop as WiFi Hub and be connected with your other devices.

You are getting right, this article is all about using your laptop as WiFi hub to connected your all other devices same time so that if you're running out of budget for a decent WiFi router right now you can save some money till then.

Before you start making your laptop a WiFi hub, keep in mind that you just need a laptop and broadband connection at your home, no software is needed for this. and yeah some brain to follow the steps below for completing the task.

Turn your Laptop into a WiFi Hub

Step#1: Run command prompt (cmd) as administrator.

Step#2: Now type the below command and press enter.
netsh wlan show drivers
This will create a hosted network. and also look into the result for Hosted Network Supported, make sure this is showing Yes there so that your laptop turn into a WiFi Hub.

Step#3: Now type next command and press enter.
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=name key=password
The above command allow you to set your hosted network. Instead of name and password set your network name and network password.

Step#4: Now type last command and press enter.
netsh wlan start hostednetwork
This will start your created hosted network.

Step#5: To share your internet connection on this hotspot, Open control panel>Network and sharing center>Change adapter setting>right click on the Connection that you use to connect to internet and select properties.

Step#6: In properties go to Sharing tab and check the box "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection" and select the network connection name that is used by your hotspot.(For this check the Network Connection Window and look for Connection which says Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adapter). And save it. Now your inter net connection is shared.

This is it. so now even if you and your friends are somewhere stuck with your laptop and a broadband connection, turn your laptop into a WiFi hub and start the fun.

Do share this and comment below if you're getting any error or problem. also share your way to connect with one and only broadband connection to other devices.
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