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Top 10 launchers for your android smartphone (Part-1)

An android launcher gives your phone a complete makeover. It changes how your phone look and feel, it adds lots of features to your phone as well. There are tons of android launchers in play store, in this article I'm going to show the Top 10 Best Launchers for your Android Smartphone. 


1. Google Now Launcher:

So the first launcher is Google Now Launcher.
if you want to experience stock android on your phone without installing a custom ROM with Google Now Launcher.You can get with exact same launcher for nexus devices and that's all of the features.
Swapping to the left, it will take you to Google now where you can get the information you want like weather updates, you can add your favourite team, get live scores and news and much more.
While on the Home screen, you can say OK GOOGLE to launch Google now and start interacting with it by saying your search query.
The notification bar is transparent dress like a nexus device and search bar is always present at the top of the screen.
Everything else pretty similar with other launchers.
DOWNLOAD: Google Now Launcher

2. Nova Launcher:

The next launcher on the list is Nova Launcher.
Nova Launcher is highly customizable android launcher. You can change almost anything you want in this launcher.
Despite it's high customizability this launcher is very fast. At first look it's very similar to a normal launcher, App Drawer at the bottom, there home screens to add widgets but when you go to the settings menu you can see all the customising options from the Display option to changing the icons, Hide applications and many more.
There are tons of customising options here in this launcher, with all of this features you can totally change how your phone looks and feel.

3. Yahoo Aviate Launcher:

The next launcher in the list is Yahoo Aviate Launcher.
Aviate launcher comes with clean design and intelligent UI (user interface) and smart features that will simplify how you use your phone. Simplify how you use your phone.
There are three different screens where swapping to the left screen, you will be shown the application and information that you need at that time and it changes through time and as per your location. The Middle screen looks clean, where you can add widgets. On the right side you will find the app drawer based on the categories of application.
You can also choose different icon packs with this launcher.
This launcher is very useful with it's intelligent screen which helps us to stay organised.
DOWNLOAD: Yahoo Aviate Launcher

4.  Action Launcher:

The next launcher on the list is Action Launcher.
Action Launcher is very popular which is praised by many top tech sites. Like other launchers, this one have lots of tools to keep your home organized, managing folders and making widgets.
The search bar at the top is very fast to search music, apps, contacts very easily. Swapping to the left, you will find all apps in drawer along with widgets option there. swapping to the right, it will take you to quick page which is access any-time.
Action launcher also allows you to change icon packs.
Overall this launcher is complete package with unique useful features and with all of the tools you need to customize and stay organized.

5. Nokia Z-Launcher:

The next launcher on the list is Nokia Z- Launcher.
Nokia Z-launcher is recently announced by Nokia, This launcher is very stylish and unique.
This launcher work over time how you use your phone and changes the apps on screen depending on the what time of day is. but if you're not able to find the your desirable apps on screen, you can simply use the gesture system and get the app just writing the letter of app on screen.
At the bottom you'll find stock apps along with app drawer. Scrolling in this launcher is super smooth.
This is all about this launcher. No Widgets, No Customization. It's a simple launcher with really good looking design.

This is the top 5 launchers from the my list of top 10 launchers. Stay tuned with us to know about the other 5 launchers of top 10 launchers. Give your opinion on this list or add your own list of launchers in comment section below.
Top 10 launchers for your android smartphone (Part-1) Reviewed by Aniket Mishra on 7:26 AM Rating: 5


  1. on my opinion yahoo aviate launcher must be there on 5 all are great launcher....i waiting for next 5....

    1. Dharmesh Dangi, Thank you for giving for opinion. well this top 10 list is not in order, it's just the top 10 list of launchers not in any order. It's all up to you to choose your best launcher from top 10. soon the next 5 will posting stay tuned for surprise in list ;)


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