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Resume a failed/broken download in UC Browser

It isn't frustrating when you're about to download a large file or some important files on your smartphone and it stopped at last of when it comes to about getting the download complete, it is na.!!

Well I'm not talking about the downloading files from your default browser or Opera browser, which is generally most used by users on their Android smartphones, but I'm talking about downloading files from another most used browser UC Browser, Which is again most used browser on Android smartphones.

Yeah, peoples use Opera or their Stock browsers for surfing but when it comes to download peoples choose UC browser over Stock or Opera Browser, because of it convinces to downloading the files easily and giving resuming option at any time. But at some time the download link may get broken or downloading may be responding for resuming.

So let's see How to resume those broken or failed download links and get back to resuming the downloading the large files. Follow the steps below.

Resume Failed/Broken Download in UC Browser:

Step#1: First navigate to the UC Browser folder in File Explorer and cut the broken/failed download file to other folder.

Step#2: Open the link of failed/broken download file in UC Browser and re-download the file.

Step#3: Pause the re-downloaded file.

Step#4: Now again go to File Explorer and copy paste the old broken/failed downloaded files in UC Browser folder to replacing with the new downloading files.

Step#5: Now again move to UC Browser and resume the file and you'll get the resuming the file from where it got failed last time.

Voila.! You've smile on face instead of worry on face next time when you face this kind of situation, Specially for the 2G user who wait till long for get the file download and at last they got the result in failing the download.
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  1. Thanks for this tutorial. it will help me a lot next time when i'm downloading from uc browser and i'll be stuck.

  2. I need assistance in this matter. Because, above mentioned technique doesn't work for me. I searched web a lot. But all I found so far is this very same technique. And I don't want to keep downloading file in GB again and again.

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  4. ThisUcbrowserdownload is one of the browser we can use as different mode just like desktop mode and mobile mode also.its uses less data in your mobile.

  5. Thanks man it realy helped me for you i can resum my 1.5 gb failed download resum . If it i don't get the information that you gave i might be downloading the hole thing again

  6. when i resume the same file restarts😏😏

  7. There is no re-download option in the current uc browser


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